What sort of research we fund

We fund research that focuses on discovering new ways to prevent, treat or cure cancer.

Inspired by our founders commitment to backing pioneering science, we focus on funding research that uncovers completely new ways to beat cancer. It can be risky, and it's definitely bold. But that's exactly what we stand for. Before pills, medicines and treatments can be made available to cancer patients, scientists have to uncover things about our bodies that were previously unknown. This process is called 'discovery research' and that's exactly where we allocate our funds. If we didn't, we could potentially miss out on massive medical breakthroughs.

Discovery research is the key to curing cancer.

Like with any kind of new science, invention or discovery, there are risks associated with discovery research. Why? Because the road to discovery may lead nowhere, but just as equally, it could lead to something incredible, transformative or life-changing.

But we also know that this kind of bold research could cure cancer. So we're brave enough to fund this first step in the research journey, even when others aren't, because we have faith in the power of people and the human mind.

Being bold is our legacy.

Our founder Dr Colin Thomson set out to conquer cancer in his lifetime, but tragically he died of it. It's our job to keep his legacy alive, so we'll continue to find and fund life-saving research and work tirelessly to end the suffering and death caused by cancer. Cancer doesn't stand still - and neither will we. 

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The greatest risk is not taking one.

Had we not backed some of the projects we have, the world would have missed out on treatments that are now saving lives. We must continue to back bold research so that more people can recover from cancer. We can only do this with your support.

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Just one research project funded by us has gone on to help 30,000 people with cancer. It has the potential to help thousands more.

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