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Human Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research has an important role to play in investigating how cancers develop, spread and become resistant to treatment. However, the use of stem cells – in particular those obtained from human embryos - has been a controversial issue in recent years. The regulation of this area of research varies greatly from country to country, so we have adopted a funding policy that we believe reflects the scientific value of human embryonic stem cells within cancer research as a whole.

Where it is scientifically justified we will fund research that involves the use of human embryonic stem cell lines, but we will not fund the derivation of new embryonic stem cell lines from human embryos, or any other direct use of human embryos. It is the responsibility of the researcher and their institution to ensure that they adhere to any relevant laws or regulations in their country that cover the use of human embryonic stem cells in research.

Read our Human Stem Cell Research Funding Policy in full for more details.