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Policy on Open Access Publishing

Policy on Open Access publishing

1. This policy applies to peer-reviewed articles describing original research that was fully or partially funded by Worldwide Cancer Research. 2. The publication of research findings in open access form is a mandatory part of our terms and conditions for grants awarded from October 2013. The grant PI will be held responsible for adherence to this policy; non-compliance may ultimately affect the likelihood of being awarded any future grants. 3. Either the ‘gold’ or the ‘green’ route to open access (OA) is acceptable, and embargos of up to 6 months for green OA are permitted. We do not wish to place narrow limits on where Worldwide Cancer Research-funded scientists can publish their work. 4. Worldwide Cancer Research will facilitate gold OA publishing by making funds available to support article processing costs (APCs). This will be in the form of a separate budget, with APCs provided on application, at Worldwide Cancer Research’s discretion. Publication costs must not be charged to individual grants.

a) All Worldwide Cancer Research grantholders, past and present, are eligible to apply for APCs when publishing work in gold OA form that was wholly or substantially supported by their Worldwide Cancer Research grant(s). b) The maximum contribution Worldwide Cancer Research will make towards a single APC is £2000. c) If Worldwide Cancer Research pays an APC, the paper must be published under the CC-BY Creative Commons, Attribution licence. d) If Worldwide Cancer Research pays an APC, the paper must become OA immediately upon online publication and made available through Europe PMC, PubMed Central or other linked PubMed repository by the publisher.

5. Worldwide Cancer Research has joined the Europe PMC funding group to facilitate green OA publishing. Grantholders who do not choose the gold OA route must now self archive their manuscripts into Europe PMC. Some journals will automatically archive manuscripts into Europe PMC when Worldwide Cancer Research is declared as a funder of the work, but it is the PI’s responsibility to ensure that this happens. 6. PIs who were awarded a Worldwide Cancer Research grant before October 2013 are encouraged to adhere to this policy. They are equally eligible to apply for APCs and archive their manuscripts into Europe PMC. Worldwide Cancer Research reserves the right to amend this policy as appropriate. Any questions about this policy please contact