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Tobacco Industry Funding Policy

Worldwide Cancer Research is a UK - based charity which aims to support research into the causes, mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer by funding research projects in recognised non-profit research institutes around the world.

Our ultimate objective is to work towards the prevention or effective treatment of all cancers. As a direct consequence of this objective, we are completely opposed to the use of tobacco, which remains the world’s greatest preventable cause of cancer, as well as many other serious diseases. Whilst Worldwide Cancer Research supports academic freedom, we consider working with, supporting, or accepting support from the tobacco industry to be incompatible with the objective of improving the prevention or treatment of cancer. Accordingly, we will not support any researchers who work with or accept funding from the tobacco industry.

To implement this policy, we will not accept applications from anyone (either as Principal Investigator or co-applicant) who is currently applying for, or has received, funding from the tobacco industry, or bodies substantially funded by the tobacco industry, within the last 10 years. In addition we apply the following principles to ensure that this policy is implemented effectively.

  1. This policy also applies to anyone who has served as an employee, consultant or advisor of the tobacco industry within the last 10 years.
  2. Our definition of ‘a body substantially funded by the tobacco industry’ shall be as determined by the Worldwide Cancer Research Trustees. It includes the Council for Tobacco Research, Centre for Indoor Air Research, Institute for Science and Health.
  3. Our definition of tobacco industry funding does not include: a) funding that the tobacco industry has been obliged to give to support research as part of any legal settlement or other punitive measure, b) legacies from tobacco industry investments, as long as those investments are sold before the funds are awarded, c) funds from foundations or trusts which, for historical reasons, bear a tobacco industry name but are no longer associated with the industry in any other way.
  4. If a Worldwide Cancer Research grantholder accepts funding from the tobacco industry, or bodies substantially funded by the tobacco industry, Worldwide Cancer Research have the right to terminate their Worldwide Cancer Research funding immediately.
Worldwide Cancer Research reserves the right to amend this policy as it considers appropriate. Any questions concerning this policy should be directed to Dr Lynn Turner, Head of Research.

July 2012