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Who are we?

Worldwide Cancer Research is a small charity with immense ambition - to see a day where no life is cut short by cancer. To bring that day closer the charity is growing. What do we do? We find and fund bold ideas at the start of the cancer research journey all over the world. Kick-starting the life-saving advances of the future by sowing the seeds of new discoveries today. Funding brand new ideas and supporting researchers who ask big, challenging, new questions about how cancer works and how we can control it. Being a small charity with currently 35 employees allows us to be open, honest and personal with our supporters. Everyone who works for this charity plays a significant role – without them we wouldn’t exist. If you want to speak to the CEO, you can. If you want to speak to the research team, you can. If you want to share your story, there will always be someone to listen.

Current Vacancies

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