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Christmas 2017

Without you, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas.

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Can you give £24 to fund an hour of life-saving cancer research?

We really need your help this Christmas to continue funding life-saving cancer research. Last year our supporters helped us raise enough funds for over 1,843 hours of cancer research, funding a project for an entire year. But more needs to be done. This year, we really need your support to fund 3,000 hours. Will you help us get there by donating one hour?

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Without you, we couldn't continue funding life-saving cancer research.

Without cancer research, we wouldn't be able to enjoy Christmas with our loved ones.

Without your loved ones, Christmas wouldn't me Christmas.

Will you help us fund 3,000 hours of life-saving cancer research?

Christmas without a loved one doesn’t bear thinking about – so it’s vital that cancer research must continue. Every penny you donate, and every minute you fund will make a difference; it could lead to a breakthrough that could save thousands of lives.

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Whether it’s mum’s soggy sprouts or dad’s corny jokes, we all have those quirky family moments that make Christmas, Christmas. Download our free Christmas cards and share them with your loved ones to show how much you appreciate them and the time you spend together. Because, without them Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas.

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