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Our news

Read more moving stories, keep up with our latest news, and find out about our incredible research breakthroughs.

Our news

Read more moving stories, keep up with our latest news, and find out about our incredible research breakthroughs.

30 pioneering new projects backed by Curestarters in 2024!

We are proud to support 30 innovative and exciting new ideas around the world in 2024. From the support of our amazing Curestarters we were able to spend £6.3 million on creative cancer research. All of these 30 ideas have enormous potential to lead to new cancer cures.

09 April 2024

David Withers and his lab team

Exciting new breakthrough could lead to vital improvements in immunotherapies

A discovery funded by Worldwide Cancer Research Curestarters could lead to better immunotherapies that work for more patients. Find out more.

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Why is cancer so hard to cure?

We explore the reasons why cancer is especially hard to cure, but also why we should have hope for the future.

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