Sporting and challenge event terms and conditions

Sporting and challenge event terms and conditions


  • Participants understand that it is their responsibility to read any terms and conditions issued by the event organisers and to comply with these.
  • Participants will advise Worldwide Cancer Research at their earliest convenience if they are unable to take part in an event, due to injury, unforeseen circumstances or for any other reason.


Registration fees

  • Unless the event is cancelled, registration fees are non-refundable but may be transferrable at The Charity’s discretion.
  • If the event is cancelled, registration fees will be fully refunded.


Refusal of Entry

  • The Charity reserves the right to cancel a participant’s charity place if:
    • they fail to complete the registration process with the event organiser
    • they have not reached the agreed fundraising milestone and no other arrangements have been made.
    • participation in the event would go against specific medical / health advice.



  • Worldwide Cancer Research does not accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage incurred during the participation of a sporting or challenge event.
  • Any participant who has a concern about his or her physical condition is advised to consult their doctor before taking part in the event.



  • Participants understand that all monies raised in connection with the event are held on trust for Worldwide Cancer Research, and therefore they have a legal responsibility to ensure all sponsorship donations received in connection with the event are passed to The Charity.
  • Participants pledge to raise the minimum sponsorship target for Worldwide Cancer Research in return for their participation in the event and understand that it is the aim of the event to raise as much as possible for Worldwide Cancer Research.
  • Participants agree to use their best endeavours to reach the minimum fundraising target set and will communicate with Worldwide Cancer Research if circumstances change that inhibit their capacity to fundraise. The Charity will provide support to help participants reach their fundraising targets.
  • If participants do not meet fundraising milestones ahead of the event, The Charity reserves the right to withdraw their charity place.
  • Participants agree to send all funds raised to The Charity no later than eight weeks after the event date. Participants will be thanked for any received funds at this point, unless requested otherwise.



  • Participants agree for Worldwide Cancer Research to use images, video and audio of participants for promotional, marketing and other charitable purposes. Any individual not wishing to appear in any publicity/marketing materials must contact the charity in writing to express such desires.
  • Any forms of media captured by individuals at events and shared with Worldwide Cancer Research may be used by the charity without payment of ownership royalties.



    • Worldwide Cancer Research will process participants’ data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
    • Worldwide Cancer Research will not sell their details to any third parties.


Last updated: November 2023


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