Our research policies

Our Research Policies

We have a set of research policies that must be adhered to by all applicants for funding from Worldwide Cancer Research. Please read through these carefully before applying.

Our animal research policy

We fund the discoveries that kick-start cancer cures. We believe properly regulated animal research is both necessary and justified when there is no other alternative.

Our human stem cell research policy

We support human embryonic stem cell research conducted under the guidelines laid down by the International Society of Stem Cell Research.

Our tobacco industry funding policy

We do not support any researchers who work with or accept funding from the tobacco industry.

Our open access publishing policy

We believe that all new scientific knowledge should be shared widely so that improvements to the lives of people affected by cancer can be made as quickly as possible.

Our conflict of interest policy

We ensure that any bias or conflict of interest is avoided when we decide which research projects to fund.

Our research funding privacy notice

How we collect, store and process research related data.


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