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Search and destroy: Engineering immune cells to hunt down cancer

Our researchers in Italy have made a breakthrough that could lead to better, more effective immunotherapy options for cancer patients. This important discovery involves engineering a specific type of immune cell to target and kill cancer cells. Not only that, it is possible to boost that ability with a drug delivered with nanotechnology to make it even more effective.

14 September 2022


Breakthrough finds way to improve radiotherapy

Our researchers in Spain have made a breakthrough that could help treat people with cancer that has spread to the brain more effectively. The potentially life-saving discovery has kick-started a clinical study for a blood test that could help doctors identify patients who will benefit the most from radiotherapy.

11 April 2022


12 cancer research breakthroughs of 2021

2021 has been a fantastic year for science with the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine happening at an unprecedented speed thanks to the hard work of people around the world. And all through this turbulent time, cancer researchers have been hard at work too. Here’s the 12 big cancer research breakthroughs made by our scientists in 2021.

13 December 2021


How dietary fats help cancer to spread around the body

Researchers in Spain have discovered how fats found in palm oil can help cancer spread and have developed new drugs to stop it from happening.

10 November 2021

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