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30 pioneering new projects backed by Curestarters in 2024!

We are proud to support 30 innovative and exciting new ideas around the world in 2024. From the support of our amazing Curestarters we were able to spend £6.3 million on creative cancer research. All of these 30 ideas have enormous potential to lead to new cancer cures.

Could AI cure cancer?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is everywhere. It looks set to fundamentally change all aspects of our lives - including how we cure cancer. And while AI won't be able to eradicate cancer altogether, it will certainly help researchers and doctors save more lives from cancer than ever before. But how? Find out here.


Circadian rhythm breakthrough that opens up new treatment possibilities for blood cancer

Researchers funded by our Curestarters have made an exciting breakthrough which could lead to new treatment possibilities for rare blood cancer - find out more.

29 November 2023

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