Five virtual fundraising ideas

Whilst lockdown might be easing, traditional fundraising – from bake sales to marathons – is still on hold. But cancer carries on. People with cancer need you more than ever – that’s why we’ve pulled together five virtual fundraising ideas so that you can still raise lifesaving funds for cancer research, without even leaving your house. They might even spark an idea of your own!

Whatever your fundraising style, you’ll instantly gain access to our super team who’ll support you from start to finish on your venture - whatever it may be!

Challenge yourself, and we'll challenge cancer. Set up a fundraising page today!

Start new cancer cures across the globe – all from your living room!

1. Virtual quiz night

With people across the country already taking part in virtual quizzes with friends and family on a regular basis, why not take it one step further and raise money for Worldwide Cancer Research at the same time? It’s bound to be great fun for your friends and family, and you could ask for donations to take part or even charge a ticket price to generate some money for a prize and a donation.


2. Virtual busking

Have you been practising an instrument in lockdown, or learning the lyrics to belt out your favourite songs? Set up a fundraising page and ‘Go Live’ on Facebook or Instagram and you can easily put on a virtual concert for your friends and family, and ask them to donate as they watch you sing or play the night away.

3. Virtual work-out

If you’ve been getting into the swing of working out at home, why not share your expertise and take your friends and family through your favourite routine? You could ask for donations just for taking part, or up the ante and set forfeits and challenges.


4. Virtual book club 

If you already have a book club, take it online. Or, go ahead and set one up via a Facebook page. You can use video calls to discuss books as often as you’d like and donate the money that you would have spent on meeting in person and buying drinks and snacks!

Have you got a fantastic idea of your own for fundraising at home? We'd love to hear from you!

5. LIVE head shave 

This is a great attention grabber. Build suspense and excitement on social media by setting a date for your ‘live’ head shave. And, to make sure you get the donations you deserve, why not set a fundraising target before you go ahead? That way you can generate as many donations as you can before the big event.

To help you put your fundraising plans into action, check out our free, handy resources. For guidance on setting up a fundraising page, click here. For a selection of fundraising packs and resources, click here. And, once you’ve worked out exactly what you want to do, don’t forget to get in touch to tell us all about your fundraising plans – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Since lockdown, much of our fundraising has stopped and lifesaving cancer research is at risk. Yet cancer carries on. Your kindness today can start bold new cancer research that shines a light in the darkness – and will one day stop the suffering caused by cancer. Will you support our Emergency Appeal?

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