New drug could become one of the first targeted treatments for triple-negative breast cancer

6th July 2020

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of supporters like you, Dr Najoua Lalaoui, a scientist at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Australia, has been studying a new drug called birinapant. A drug which her research is showing could become one of the first targeted treatments for triple-negative breast cancer.

Lalaoui in the lab

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide and, in the UK alone, around 55,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

There are several types of breast cancer, each with their own set of characteristics which make the cancers grow differently, look different and even respond differently to the same treatment.

Triple-negative breast cancer is a particularly aggressive type of breast cancer for which no targeted treatments currently exist and for many patients, chemotherapy may be the only option available.

While chemotherapy can be successful at treating and even curing cancer, it comes with toxic side effects and not all patients respond to chemotherapy in the same way.

Find out more about this exciting discovery in our new video interview with Dr Najoua Lalaoui.

Incredible discoveries like this would not happen without research – and research cannot happen without the support of people like you. If you’re feeling inspired, why not help us make the breakthroughs of the future by donating and starting new cancer cures today?


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