We’re starting 26 potential new cures in 2022!

4th February 2022

We’re delighted to announce that thanks to the kindness and generosity of our supporters we are starting an incredible 26 new discoveries in 2022! Each of these research projects could be the start of a new cancer cure of the future that will help us put an end to cancer.

Starting new cancer cures worldwide

New tests and treatments for cancer all start with a brilliant new idea. And we’re ecstatic to be able to support some of the brightest cancer researchers in the world and help turn their idea into a reality. The 26 new projects we are starting this year will be taking place in 12 different countries – the best ideas can come from anywhere.

Cures for all cancers

We know that cancer is not one disease, but a collection of many different diseases, each which require their own cure. That’s why we fund research into any type of cancer – and this year is no different. Our 26 new research projects cover a whopping 10 different types of cancer, as well as research projects that could kick-start new cures for a range of cancers. 

Thanks to our Curestarters

These 26 new projects total an investment of £5.2m in cancer research projects starting in 2022. This is an increase of £1.6m from 2021 – testament to the incredible generosity of all our Curestarters who have made this possible.

This increase in discovery research will be welcome now more than ever by people affected by cancer, as recent research has shown that funding for this type of cancer research has declined by 25% since 2006. Without the support of our Curestarter community, new ideas couldn’t be pursued and there would be a real risk that the pipeline of new cures for cancer would run dry.

We’re also ecstatic that we’ve been able to once again team up with other research charities to co-fund three projects and make our Curestarter’s donations go even further. The FC-AECC are helping to fund a project in Spain on breast cancer, Cancer Australia are supporting a project in Australia on endometrial cancer, and Pancreatic Cancer UK are helping us fund a project in Glasgow. Thanks to their support, we have been able to kickstart more potential cures that could have been missed.

10 years, 100 discoveries

While this increase in funding is great progress, we have big ambitions to do more. 100 is the number of brilliant new ideas submitted to us each year by researchers around the world – but right now we can only fund a fraction of these. With the help of our Curestarters, over the next 10 years, we want to be able to fund 100 new discoveries each year.

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