Five top tips for training for a sponsored run

Author:Judy Murray

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Renowned for her tenaciousness and perseverance in the tennis world, Judy Murray has joined forces with Worldwide Cancer Research as our first ever ‘Curestarter Coach’, rallying supporters to join us in our united effort to start new cures. 

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31st July 2023

Like most sports, running takes determination and discipline - two things I’ve years of experience in! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, it’s really important to train and prepare your body if you’re taking on a sponsored charity run. Whatever distance you’ve set yourself - 5k, 10k, or even a marathon - it’s important to put in the work ahead of the big day to make sure you do yourself proud. So, get the whistle ready and pull on your trainers, here are my top tips.

Make the time for training

I know, you have a busy life and it’s hard to fathom fitting runs and walks in on top of the already hectic day-to-day. But, you need to put in the time to avoid hurting yourself and make sure you cross that finish line.

Review the week ahead and plot some time to fit in some training whenever is best for you - it might be first thing in the morning after the kids are bathed and bedded, or even on your lunch break. Lay your shorts and trainers out the night before too, if it makes things easier.

Rally that support

You might have friends who are runners, or who might be up for helping you train - which can definitely help you stick to your plan. Run at a conversational pace so you can catch up with one another, while clocking in those miles!

Already thinking about your next challenge? Why not take part in an event or challenge to raise money for Worldwide Cancer Research?

Mix it up

Just because you’re training for a run doesn’t mean you need to run ALL the time. Other activities can help with your stamina and overall fitness, making your training much more varied and enjoyable. 

Swimming and weight training can be great for improving strength and fitness, or of course, you could try a game of tennis too! 

Plan your routes to keep it interesting

Often when training, you can find yourself running the same route over and over again. It can become a bit boring and monotonous, so use your training plan as an excuse to explore new places and take in some new sights. 

We’re so lucky to have so many beautiful routes around us, and we’ve often never visited what's on our own doorstep. Whether it’s scenic views of rolling hills, or hitting the streets of a city, plan your routes so you can enjoy your surroundings, taking things in as you rack up those steps. 

Fuel your body

Training can be strenuous work, which is why it's important to eat right. Foods that offer slow-releasing energy are best, particularly if you’re running a longer distance, so stock up on bananas and whole grains. It’s recommended you wait around 30 minutes or so after eating before you hit the ground running (literally) to avoid getting cramps, too.

If you’ve challenged yourself to a longer run like a half or a full marathon, you might want to take some snacks with you to help fuel you. Runners will often use energy gels, which can be easily consumed whilst running, but jelly beans are a personal favourite of mine, and really give you that boost you might need to get to the finish line! 


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