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Author:Judy Murray

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Renowned for her tenaciousness and perseverance in the tennis world, Judy Murray has joined forces with Worldwide Cancer Research as our first ever ‘Curestarter Coach’, rallying supporters to join us in our united effort to start new cures. 

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31st July 2023

Have you decided to raise money for Worldwide Cancer Research? Congratulations, you are now officially a Curestarter - part of a community of supporters, fundraisers and researchers all working together to help reach a day when no life is cut short by cancer. Fundraising is vital when it comes to discovering new cures for cancer, and with 1 in 2 of us being affected by the disease in our lifetime, it’s never been more essential.

But fundraising can be hard work, so to help keep you motivated, here are my top tips:

Get other people involved with you

It’s always more fun doing something with friends or family, so encourage those closest to you to lend a hand and get involved. If you’re doing a sponsored walk, you could ask family members to join you on certain parts of the route, or if you’re hosting a coffee morning, rally as many of your best friends as you can to get together and enjoy a cuppa with a slice. Who needs a better excuse to catch up with your favourite people than by doing so while raising money for charity?

Celebrate the milestones

Whether it’s taking that first batch of cookies from the oven for the bake sale, pulling on your trainers for the first training session for that sponsored run, or receiving your first donation, make time to celebrate all the milestones - big and small.

Dedicating time and effort to raising money for charity is a big achievement in itself, but it requires hard work and perseverance, just like a game of tennis. You should be proud of yourself, and mark each and every stage of the journey with a pat on the back. 

Set goals

It’s really important to set goals when taking on a fundraising challenge. Of course, a goal will always be to raise a specific amount of money or help increase awareness, but sometimes it can really help to set your own personal goals to keep motivated, too. 

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try something new but just didn’t know where to start. Perhaps you’re an adrenaline junkie and you’ve dreamt about taking part in a bungee jump, or you’ve always aspired to complete a couch to 5k challenge, but never got around to it. Harness your own aims and goals to not only do your part for Worldwide Cancer Research but to keep yourself driven. 

Looking for more motivation? Did you know that everything you do is taking us one step closer to a day when no life is cut short by cancer?


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