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We're a small charity with big aspirations.

We may be small, but we are also mighty. Through work and dedication we've so far been able to support  £200 million of cancer research throughout the world. Discover more about our organisation.

Quite simply, we want to do more. 

Cancer is complex, making continuous research crucial. This means our work can never stop, which means the funding can never stop either. Our ambition is to fund £20 million of research annually, getting us closer to a world where no life is cut short by cancer.

Our Scientific Advisory Committee review every funding application we receive and together decide which research projects we back.

Our Scientific Advisory Committee

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Where you'll find more information about the charity and details on the projects the charity funds. You will also find our key spokespeople and our most recent stories and research news.

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Here is where you'll find our 12 month reviews and yearly financial reports.

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Be part of a welcoming, collaborative team and make a real difference.


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