Our Research Strategy

Kick-starting cancer cures

The first step is the most important

Our founder, Dr Colin Thomson, set out to conquer cancer in his lifetime. Tragically, he died of it. His legacy is our mission – to find and fund life-saving research around the world to end the suffering and death caused by cancer.

When it comes to kick-starting life-saving cancer cures, the first step is the most important

Before a life-saving treatment is available at the hospital and before clinical trials are launched to test a new drug in people, there are ideas. These ideas are the first step in the journey towards new and better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

For us, discovery research – where these ideas are formed – is curiosity-driven science that seeks to answer the big questions about cancer.

Science, like cancer, is not predictable. Cancer can strike any one of us, at any time – it has no boundaries and neither should we.

Which is why we will go to the ends of the earth to search for bold research that will find new cures for every type of cancer - from any scientist with a pioneering idea that could transform our understanding of cancer and how to tackle it.

We don’t fund bricks and mortar. We invest donations from our very generous supporters in giving researchers the time and tools to make their idea a reality.

We believe that the first step is the most important which is why we’re proud to be the only UK charity that finds and funds pioneering, innovative research at the discovery stage into any type of cancer, anywhere in the world.

If you are a researcher and want to find out what we do and don’t fund, please visit our funding criteria page.

Will you back bold research that has the potential to transform lives?