Face to face fundraising

Face to face fundraising to start new cancer cures

There are barriers to finding new cures for cancer, but you can help break them down by funding lifesaving discovery research.

If we are fundraising in your local area, one of our Curestarters might appear at your door, or stop you in a public space for a friendly chat. If they do, we'd love you to sign up and join us in our united effort to reach a day when no life is cut short by cancer.

I want to sign up today

Face to face fundraising is one of our main methods of fundraising and it plays a crucial part in raising funds for bold new cancer research projects around the world. Every penny donated goes to Worldwide Cancer Research and helps to start new cures for cancer. 

You may have met one of the Worldwide Cancer Research fundraisers at your door, or at a local shopping centre or event. We are currently conducting door-to-door and private site fundraising with Appco and Smile Fundraising.

Worldwide Cancer Research staff conduct training regularly to ensure that all of our fundraisers meet the high standards expected and we always obtain permission from the relevant local authority before fundraising in a particular region.

If you have any enquiries or feedback about any of our fundraising activities, please contact our friendly supporter experience team on 0300 777 7910 or email [email protected]

Why are regular donations so important to starting new cancer cures?

Cancer research is a long-term commitment and we know there is still so much work to be done until we can reach a day when no life is cut short by cancer. By becoming a monthly Curestarter, you provide consistent and reliable support that allows us to plan the research we can fund and allocate funds more efficiently.

Whatever you are able to give, your support will fund more world-class scientists carrying out cutting-edge research that could uncover the next potential cancer cure. Join our united effort and help make a better future possible for everyone affected by cancer. 

Face to face fundraising FAQs

How can I know someone is a legitimate Worldwide Cancer Research fundraiser?

Our fundraisers:

  • Will always have an ID badge with their name and photo, reference number, and our registered charity number.
  • Will always be wearing branded Worldwide Cancer Research clothing such as jackets in colder weather and t-shirts when it's warmer. They will also all carry branded materials including a welcome pack and a thank you for listening card with our Supporter Care phone number.
  • Will never ask for cash or cheque donations - we are asking for support by direct debit as it’s a safe and convenient way to give. 
  • Will always be using tablets and will never ask a member of the public to write any details on a paper form.
Are your fundraisers trained?

Yes, all our fundraisers are fully trained by the agencies they work for in compliance, vulnerability policies and the Code of Fundraising Practice.

We also provide refresher training on a regular basis, and mystery shop them to ensure they are following our agreed standards.

Why do you carry out face to face fundraising?

Face to face fundraising is an effective way for us to secure the donations we need to fund as many new potential cures for cancer as possible. We ask supporters to sign up to a direct debit, a convenient method of donating which provides a predictable long-term income we can rely on.

Our fundraisers also play an important role in raising awareness about the vital discovery research which our generous Curestarters fund. This research holds the key to starting new cancer cures today that will help save lives in the future.

When are your fundraisers allowed to knock on doors?

The Code of Fundraising Practice permits door-to-door fundraisers to work between 9am (10am on Sundays) and 9pm seven days a week.

However, we choose to operate between 9am and 8:30pm Monday – Friday and between 9am and 5.30pm on Saturdays. We call between these times, so we have the best chance of reaching more people, for example those who work during the day.

Please note, fundraisers are permitted to approach homes between 8.30pm and 9pm if they have a prior appointment agreed with the occupant.

Our agencies also advise that fundraisers take extra care when visiting households during the longer winter evenings, especially when in isolated areas, to avoid causing unnecessary anxiety to the residents. Each fundraiser will wear an ID badge with a freephone number on should you wish to check the legitimacy of the fundraiser.

How old do I need to be to sign up to a direct debit?

You need to be aged 18 or older.

Can I make a cash donation to your fundraisers?

We appreciate your generosity but no, our fundraisers are not allowed to take cash from you. They're only permitted to ask for regular donations through a direct debit. They also won't take one-off donations. There is now an option to sign up via contactless methods either using a QR code or SMS. This will take you to our website where you can enter direct debit details and confirm the signup.

Who regulates face to face fundraising?

The Fundraising Regulator is an independent regulator and the governing body for fundraising in the charity sector. All face-to-face fundraising is subject to the Code of Fundraising Practice established by the Fundraising Regulator.

The Scottish Fundraising Adjudication Panel is responsible for ensuring charities registered in Scotland are following the Code of Fundraising Practice, and works with charities to minimise complaints and ensure high standards of fundraising are adhered to.

Find out more about the Scottish Fundraising Adjudication Panel.

How can I get in touch about my experience with your fundraisers?

We’re always delighted to hear your feedback, and in the event of a problem, can put things right more quickly if you contact us directly.

Our dedicated Supporter Care team can be reached between 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday on 0300 777 7910 or [email protected]

Fiona, Our incredible Curestarter
If you can, please consider donating to Worldwide Cancer Research today. It's only by funding more ground-breaking cancer research that we will be able to develop more revolutionary drugs - for all cancer types.
Worldwide Cancer Research Fundraisers
Worldwide Cancer Research Fundraisers
We're ringing bells to knock down doors
We're ringing bells to knock down doors
Worldwide Cancer Research Fundraiser
Worldwide Cancer Research Fundraiser
A new cure to cancer could be on your doorstep
A new cure to cancer could be on your doorstep

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