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Coming together to accelerate cancer breakthroughs

The Collective is a network of visionaries backing world-class scientists to accelerate lifesaving breakthroughs, for everyone with cancer.

Cancer constantly adapts to keep surviving. This means that despite years of ground-breaking and progressive research, it remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide, with 1 in 2 of us receiving a diagnosis in our lifetime.

If we’re going to be ready to face the challenges of tomorrow, we need a step change in the speed of global scientific progress today.

We need visionaries like you to join forces with us. To help us fund even more cutting-edge research right now, so we can find innovative ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

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The Collective is a giving club bringing together Worldwide Cancer Research supporters who commit to giving a minimum of £1,000 annually.

You’ll be part of an enterprising network of people dedicated to discovery research. You can stay close to the latest insights and see the impact of your contribution as research unfolds. As members of The Collective you will receive:

  • The chance to visit a lab to see the research we are undertaking
  • A pin badge to demonstrate your membership of The Collective
  • Exclusive priority updates on projects we fund including direct access to the Project Spotlight
  • An invitation to events to hear about our research and meet fellow members of The Collective
  • The exclusive opportunity to support our impact initiatives

Get in touch with Euan MacNeish, Philanthropy Manager, for more information: [email protected] / +44(0)7803 624 091

Help us fund even more cures

Since 2006, there’s been a 25% drop in discovery research funding globally. Without this discovery research, there can be no new cancer cures.

Every year we have to turn down incredible ideas from inventive cancer research scientists, because we simply can’t fund them all. Our research projects tend to cost around £200,000 - £275,000, currently we can only fund around 25 per year.

Meanwhile, there are over 200 different types of cancer that all need different cures. And with people living longer, more people are being diagnosed, which means more patients needing new treatments.

We urgently need your support, so that we can push forward faster and start finding the cures of tomorrow, today.

You can help save lives.

Group of research scientists in a lab

Join The Collective today - help accelerate lifesaving research discoveries, for everyone with cancer

Help accelerate lifesaving research discoveries, for everyone with cancer.

By giving a minimum of £1,000 annually you will be starting the cures of tomorrow, today.

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Sirio Dupont Dr Sirio Dupont
Donating your money is one of the best investments you could ever do, as it will push human knowledge and science forward towards the unknown and the unexpected. Today, you may be opening a door towards the scientific revolution of the next decade.

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By giving a minimum of £85 monthly you will be starting the cures of tomorrow, today.

How much do you wish to donate?

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