Trusts & foundations

Trusts & foundations

We continue to value the generosity of all charitable trusts and organisations that support our mission to find new ways to prevent, treat and cure cancer.

Our Contributors

Our special thanks go to the following who have made an immense contribution in the last year.

  • Aberbrothock Skea Charitable Trust
  • David Lister Charitable Trust
  • James T Howat Charitable Trust
  • Medicash Charitable Trust
  • Michael and Anna Wix Charitable Trust
  • Miss Isabel Harvey Charitable Trust
  • Mrs Elizabeth Grace Chadwick's Trust
  • Mrs M A Lascelles Charitable Trust
  • Nancy Roberts Charitable Trust
  • Penpont Charitable Trust
  • Pilkington Charities Fund
  • R J Wyber Charitable Trust
  • Tayfield Foundation
  • The Ardwick Trust
  • The David Cutforth Charitable Trust
  • The Doris Macer Foundation
  • The Huggard Charitable Trust
  • The MacKenzie Trust
  • The P F Charitable Trust
  • The Rest Harrow Trust
  • The Thomas C Maconochie Trust
  • The Tony Klug and Joanne Edelman Charitable Trust
  • Ward Family Charitable Trust
  • Kells Trust
  • Kilpatrick Fraser Charitable Trust
  • The Crerar Hotels Trust
  • The Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust
  • Ian Harty Charitable Trust

Become a contributor

If you are a Charitable Trust or Foundation and you'd like to help scientists discover new ways to find the cures for cancer, we will work closely with you to identify a project which suits the values and vision of your organisation.

Please contact Eilidh Murrin, Trusts and Foundations:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07715 074 305


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