Research projects

Uncovering a novel treatment target in brain cancer to overcome resistance to therapy

Dr Domenico Maiorano
Project period
October 2020 - September 2023
Research Institute
French National Center for Scientific Research, Montpellier, France
Cancer types
Brain cancer
Domenico Maiorano Dr Domenico Maiorano

Aim of the research

Dr Maiorano and his team are trying to better understand a certain gene that is essential for the survival of brain cancer. They hope that targeting this gene with therapy might help to reduce the growth of glioblastoma.

Meet the scientist

Dr Domenico Maiorano is the Research Director at the French National Center for Scientific Research. Outside of the lab, he plays guitar in a jazz band, likes swimming and I has a love of classic cars. Of course, due to his nationality, his favourite food is Italian, but also loves Chinese and Thai food.

More about the research project

Glioblastoma is the most common and aggressive type of brain cancer. Treatment includes surgery, but glioblastoma often becomes resistant to subsequent radiation- and chemotherapy. There is an urgent need to develop new therapeutic strategies that can increase survival and kill the cancer.

Dr Maiorano has identified a potential new target gene that plays a role in the resistance of glioblastoma cells to therapy and seems to be essential for the survival of the cancer cells. Glioblastoma cells can't survive without this gene, whether they are being treated or not.

Dr Maiorano and his team are now trying to understand why this gene is essential for glioblastoma survival. Healthy cells survive just fine without it, making it an interesting target for cancer therapy. Dr Maiorano hopes that they can target this gene to reduce the growth of glioblastoma and increase its sensitivity to therapy.

Discovery research is at the heart of applied research. We simply cannot cure diseases if we first do not understand the biology. This what taking the first steps is all about.

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