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What Type of Cancer Research Do We Fund?

We start new cancer cures

We know by starting new cures around the world, one day we will reach a day when no life is cut short by cancer. The projects you help us fund lead to lifesaving advances. We sit at the very beginning of the research journey, backing brand new ideas and supporting scientists to ask big, challenging, new questions about how cancer works.

We fund discovery research

Discovery research is the first step in the research journey. In practical terms, this means our scientists are seeking to discover something entirely new about the very nature of cancer. The knowledge gained through this research is the foundation for all future tests and treatments for cancer.

How our research saves lives

We have a global outlook

We know the best ideas in cancer research won’t be limited to one country. They could come from any scientist in the world. That’s why we search the world to find the most innovative ideas that will transform our understanding of cancer and how to beat it. Since the charity was founded in 1979, we’ve funded new research in over 35 countries.

Our research projects

We fund research into all cancers

There are over 200 different types of cancer and no magic bullet that will cure them all. To ensure we are truly open to the best ideas in cancer research we don’t focus on any one type of cancer. In fact, much of the research we fund seeks to make new discoveries that could benefit many different cancer types. But we can’t do it without you. Will you be a Curestarter and help us fund the next lifesaving research project?

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Into the lab

Explore what happens behind the scenes at one of our research labs with Professor Kevin Hiom at the University of Dundee.


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