Thanks to cancer research, my father is still with us and got to see me live my dream

27th April 2022

While Jack was studying for his PHD, his father, John, was diagnosed with lung cancer. His father’s dream was to see Jack become a doctor, and thanks to donations from generous people like you, his dream came true.

Jack and his Dad watching the football together

“It was just a normal day at university when I opened my phone to find several missed calls from my mum and dad; dad had found a lump and had a pain in chest. It was extensive small-cell lung cancer.” 

When we first received the cancer diagnosis, we were optimistic and thought it was treatable, but then we were given the dreaded news that it has spread to his liver and bones and had metastasized, and that my dad would have just 6 months left to live. I was heartbroken; it was my dad’s dream to see me become a doctor - I was so close. 

Thanks to cancer research and charities like Worldwide Cancer Research, my father is still with us – four years after his diagnosis. Dad got to see me become a doctor, and I’ll never forget the smile on his face as he phoned all of the family to tell them of “our” achievement.

Cancer has definitely taken over our lives, and we anticipate new test results every couple of weeks, but we try to remain positive and make the most of every new day we have together. Thanks to supporters like you and I, research led by Worldwide Cancer Research scientists across the globe is extending lives, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of our supporters, we’re able to continue to fund discovery research that holds the key to starting new cures and ending cancer.

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