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Door-to-door, Street and

private site fundraising

Door-to-door, Street and Private site fundraising

These methods of fundraising are excellent ways for us to raise awareness of Worldwide Cancer Research and recruit new supporters. They are cost-effective ways for us to fundraise and support life-saving cancer research.

If you have an enquiry or feedback about our fundraising please contact us on:

Tel: 0300 777 7910


Or write to us at: Supporter Services, Worldwide Cancer Research, 1st floor, Canning Exchange, 10 Canning Street, Edinburgh EH3 8EG.

Why are these methods of fundraising important?

With the number of people diagnosed with cancer in the UK set to double to 4 million people by 2030, it is crucial that research continues to help us outsmart cancer. We do not receive government funding and rely entirely on donations to support life-saving cancer research around the world.

These methods of fundraising are efficient and reliable ways to raise much needed funding. Regular donations allow us to plan for the future and support more life-saving cancer research. Research that can find better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

You may be visited by our fundraisers, see us at an event or in your local area

Our fundraisers are working in locations across the UK. We always obtain permission from the relevant local authority before fundraising in a particular region. If you would like to find out if our fundraisers are working in your area please contact us on the number or email address above.

Our fundraisers always wear Worldwide Cancer Research branded clothing and ID badges to help you identify them

Fundraisers are provided with an ID badge to confirm they have been employed to fundraise on our behalf. Our fundraisers will be carrying information about the research we support, such as welcome packs, direct debit forms and/or ipads.

We work closely with our partner agencies to ensure our representatives adhere to fundraising regulations set out by the Institute of Fundraising.

Our fundraisers will never ask for cash or cheques

The purpose of face-to-face fundraising is to raise awareness of our research and encourage regular support by Direct Debit. This is a safe method of giving that also helps ensure we keep admin costs to a minimum. Fundraisers will never ask for a donation by cash or cheque. If you would like to make a donation please contact supporter services on 0300 777 7910.

What time do our fundraisers work?

Our fundraisers usually knock on doors from around 12 noon to 9pm. Our main hours are from 5pm to 9pm because this is the best time to reach people once they are home from work.

Are fundraisers trained?

Yes. We train our fundraisers continuously in order to meet the high standards we expect. They are trained by Worldwide Cancer Research staff and trained in the requirements set out by the Institute of Fundraising.

We welcome your feedback 

It’s important that you have a positive experience with our fundraisers. Your feedback is extremely valuable and will help us to improve our fundraising practices.

Please call us on: 0300 777 7910

Or email us at: