What does starting new cancer research mean to you?

24th August 2020

Mark Twain once said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never work a day in your life.” We believe the same thing goes for finding a job that you’re passionate about, and we certainly have bucketloads of passion here at Team Worldwide. Recently, we asked some of our incredible members of staff what working at Worldwide Cancer Research means to them.

Matt Ingledow, Supporter Services Team Leader

“I’m the Supporter Services Team Leader and my team is the first point of contact for our supporters. I take great pride in working for this charity because we always put our supporters first in everything that we do. It’s great how we take the time to hear how our supporters are doing and make sure they are doing ok. I love how there is a real family vibe within our charity.”

Debbi Jennings, Head of Brand Awareness

"We tell the story of Worldwide Cancer Research – past, present and future. Quite simply, it means the world to me. And even more so in this troubling time. I’ve been very lucky to work for a cancer hospital charity and a children’s hospital charity in the past. Whilst those times were incredibly special and the people I met and sadly lost were some of the most inspiring I’ve ever known, the purpose of this organisation is to end suffering for the people I haven’t even met yet. For my niece’s children, for my own grandchildren’s children, for the kid across the street who every day I’ve watched draw rainbows on her driveway – and her children. We help save lives. And that’s what working here means to me.”

Karen Ormiston, Marketing Manager

“It’s an honour to be part of a charity that’s finding the cures to cancer - the world’s second biggest and horrendously devastating killer - each and every day. It’s also brilliant to work alongside such an enthusiastic, friendly and talented team.”

Matt Lam, Science Communications Manager

“I make sure that our supporters, staff and the public are kept up to date with all the discoveries that emerge from our research. The stand out thing for me is the quality of the research this charity has funded and continues to fund. Having worked at cancer charities for most of my professional career, I know first-hand that the Worldwide Cancer Research portfolio is the best of the world’s brightest ideas. Bringing these to life and telling the charity’s story is very important to me.”

Rachel Flynn, PR Officer

“I’m the PR Officer here at Worldwide Cancer Research. I feel very lucky to be here and to be inspired by #TeamWorldwide and our supporters’ courage, resilience, and optimism every day. It’s what keeps me motivated to find new and creative ways to shout our story to the world. My Grandma Anne has defeated breast cancer twice, partially due to her remarkable resilience, but also thanks to cancer research. I wish everyone was so lucky. Sadly I know my Grandma Maureen was not.”

What do you love about supporting Worldwide Cancer Research? Why do you choose to back bold new research? Drop us a message at [email protected], or on Twitter @worldwidecancer, we'd love to hear from you!

Since lockdown, much of our fundraising has stopped and our lifesaving research is at risk. Yet, cancer carries on.

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