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Nearly £4 million awarded for cancer research around the world

Worldwide Cancer Research has committed nearly £4 million of publicly raised money to fund 20 new cancer research projects. This follows decisions made at a “Dragon’s Den” style meeting involving cancer researchers from all over the world.

Our Chief Executive, Dr Helen Rippon, said: “We are so thankful to our generous supporters for raising the money we need to support these pioneering researchers. We are delighted to invest £4 million into some of the most innovative and exciting research taking place all over the world. As a charity, we have been funding cancer research for nearly 40 years and we believe that our global search for answers will one day help stop cancer consuming lives and shattering families.”

The 20 research projects are being carried out in labs all over the world including the UK, US, Argentina, Europe and Australia and cover many different types of cancer. The duration of each project is between two and three years and the type of research to be carried out varies from drug discovery to understanding what causes cancer and the basic biology of the disease.

Professor John Spencer, based at the University of Sussex, has received £187,500, to drive a drug discovery program that aims to develop a new cancer drug that re-activates a protein called “p53” and causes cancer cells to die. A further £151,614 has been awarded to Dr Diego Laderach, based at IQUIBICEN-CONICET in Argentina, allowing him to start developing an entirely new type of immunotherapy for prostate cancer.

In Spain, Professor Salvador Aznar-Benitah has been awarded £208,334 to work out how fats in our diet might contribute to the spread of cancer in oral, skin and breast cancer. While at King’s College London, Dr Pierre Guermonprez will receive £242,312 to investigate how CRISPR gene-editing could be used to bolster a person’s immune system in the fight against cancer.

We rely on public donations - without the support the pioneering projects we fund would simply not happen.

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