Lynda’s story

Lynda’s story - crafting for cancer cures

4th December 2020

Lynda was devastated when she lost her beloved brother Steven to stomach cancer in 2011. Then, just one month later, she was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.

Now 63, Lynda has been living with the disease for almost a decade – but that hasn’t stopped her from raising crucial funds for Worldwide Cancer Research in Steven’s memory, by making and selling hundreds of homemade cards over the last nine years.

And Lynda has made many more during lockdown – her cancer type meant that she was told she was at high-risk of infection from the coronavirus, so she spent months isolating at home this year.

“Routine has been my saviour in lockdown. My husband and I have days for household chores, we set aside time to video-call our friends and family and I walk 2.5 miles on my treadmill every morning. And I’ve been getting crafty – a lot! I think if it wasn’t for the routine we built I wouldn’t have been able to get out of bed most days.”

Having cancer is always an incredibly difficult and scary experience, but 2020 has been even more daunting for people like Lynda as a result of the pandemic.

News of the thousands of treatments and screenings cancelled or delayed across the country, and the amount of cancer research put on hold across the world, has caused Lynda, and many others, to worry about what the future holds for people with cancer. But there’s hope too.

“The world is a dark and scary place but look at what we can achieve when the world comes together! The brightest minds across the world have joined forces to find a vaccine for the coronavirus. Imagine if we did that for cancer too – on a much bigger scale than we do already? It’s so important that we continue to make progress on all fronts, not just into one type of cancer – that’s why I support Worldwide Cancer Research.”

You can find Lynda’s amazing cards online here.

We couldn’t start new cures for cancer without the support of people like Lynda, and people like you.