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Lockdown life - how #TeamWorldwide are staying positive!

12th May 2020

Life during lockdown can be tough, there's no doubt about it. Here at Worldwide Cancer Research, we've been making an effort to share our hints and tricks for staying positive during these uncertain times. Here are some of Team Worldwide's tried and tested tips for giving yourself a boost if you're having a bad day - we hope they help, and we'd love to hear yours too!

1. Bake some sweet treats

Amy, Head of Marketing at Worldwide Cancer Research, says…

“Keeping the little ones occupied can be difficult - especially when they're missing their nursery pals and grandparents! We've found baking to be a great distraction and it also makes for some yummy treats to enjoy when I'm on calls with my team!”

2. Get crafty

Yvonne, Supporter Services Executive at Worldwide Cancer Research, says…

“This is a strange time for everyone right now - the kids are at home and, quite frankly, a bit lost. While I have Team Worldwide keeping me going, we’ve also found arts and crafts to be great fun and a great distraction. The kids love getting creative and it’s a great mood-booster – especially when using lots of colour!”

3. Crack your comfort food

Helen, Chief Executive at Worldwide Cancer Research, says…

“This lockdown, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my son, Sam. From home-schooling to becoming avid bird watchers as we begin to notice a few regular visitors to our garden, the last few weeks have been full of surprises.

One thing I’ve had to do in particular is to get creative with our dinners. But this avocado pesto pasta has been a comforting favourite of ours, not only in lockdown but all-time. And it’s the only way I can get Sam to eat avocado!"

4. Keep in touch

Rachel, Brand Awareness Executive at Worldwide Cancer Research, says…

“I moved to Edinburgh five years ago for university. After graduation, I never left! My family are spread out all across the country and the world, so I’m used to jumping on a video call once a week. But now we’re staying home and saving lives, I’ve never felt further away from my family.

I’m appreciating video calls now more than ever and having them more often than I thought would be imaginable - I even FaceTime my dog some days! Whilst there’s not too much to catch up on, there are always games and quizzes at hand and films and books ready for review. Who knows – maybe Grandma and I will start a film critic blog once this is all over!”

Share your own Lockdown Life tips

How are you staying positive whilst in lockdown? What new routines and activities have you discovered? Whatever it is - we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a message at, or on Twitter @worldwidecancer, and share your Lockdown Life tips with us. 

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