Team Worldwide take on the 2.6 challenge

1st May 2020

How our staff and supporters are starting bold new research while in lockdown.

Team Worldwide was set to hit the streets of London last Sunday (26 April 2020) to run and cheer at the iconic London Marathon. Sadly, the recent pandemic saw great events like this – that raise crucial funds to start cancer cures across the world – either postponed or cancelled. With charities needing support and funding now more than ever, the remarkable teams behind lots of mass participation events, including London Marathon, launched the 2.6 challenge to help charities mitigate against the coronavirus and its upsetting effects on fundraising.

The virtual event has swept the nation and has meant that we and our supporters can still fundraise to stop the suffering caused by cancer while being stay-at-home-heroes.

Here’s a round-up of some of our incredible Team Worldwide staff and supporters taking part. From squats and planks to flipping pancakes and eating Jaffa Cakes – it’s fair to say they got creative!

Have we missed out your 2.6 challenge? Get in touch and we’ll include you in our blog!

Aimee, one of our London Marathon team members who was set to run the iconic race on Sunday, organised an isolation-friendly relay, where 10 of her family and friends each ran 2.6 miles.

Our Chief Executive, Helen, ran 26 miles (27 if you count the mile where she got lost…) in 2.6 days! She even donated £270 and has more pledges incoming. Nice one, Helen!

Karen, our Marketing Manager, and her boyfriend, Ian, held a 26-minute virtual gym class for their friends. Little did the participants know that each exercise was carefully thought out, bringing up a memory from their past they hoped had been forgotten…

Hatty, Brand Awareness Executive, completed a 2.6k run in the shape of 26.

Chloe Webb and her team at Lift Gyms, Edinburgh, completed a 2.6-mile walk and even hosted an epic 2.6 challenge virtual gym class for its members in aid of Worldwide Cancer Research.

One of our brilliant suppliers, Union Direct, and their team members, did 26 ways in 2.6 days. From cartwheels to shooting 26 hoops and 26 flowers in bloom, it’s fair to say the team nailed it! One of the team members even did 26 laps of their garden on a space hopper!

Rachel, Brand Awareness Executive, got a (terrible!) makeover in 2.6 seconds from her boyfriend, Jordan, and had to keep it on for 2.6 hours – including while doing her daily 1-hour of exercise in the city-centre of Edinburgh!

Phil Myerscough, a serial fundraiser for the charity, completed 6.26 miles – twice! – over 2.6 days.

Emma, Supporter Services Executive, is planking every day for 26 days for 2.6 minutes. Ouch!

Laura, Director of Marketing and Fundraising, completed 2.6k on her in-door bike followed by 260 skips and a 2.6k walk!

Supporter, Trish Bonn, completed 26 laps of her 120-yard communal garden.

Lauren, Brand Awareness Manager, and her husband, Sean, completed 260 squats between them in 26 minutes.

Niall Armstrong, one of our supporters, completed his fastest 5k run in 5 years. He was aiming for under 26 minutes and smashed his target, with an impressive 25 minutes and 28 seconds!

Amy, Head of Marketing, and her daughter, Skye, ate a whopping 26 Jaffa Cakes in 26 seconds.

Supporter, Ali, and her mum, Mo, walked and cycled 2.6 miles together.

Debbi, Head of Brand Awareness, completed 260 skips with her skipping rope, while further north, her parents bagged a 26-minute cycle.

Carley, Supporter Services Executive, enjoyed a 2.6-mile walk before she started work on Tuesday.

Sarah, HR Support, and her family had a busy day planting 26 sweet peas as well as baking 26 gluten-free ginger biscuits.

Don’t worry if you haven’t started your 2.6 challenge yet – there’s still time!

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