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Why haven’t we cured cancer?

A question we hear quite a lot from people is “why haven’t we cured cancer?” Billions has been raised, invested and spent on cancer research over many decades so it’s not unfair to ask the question. However, as research progressed we came to the realisation that cancer is a complex beast. It’s not one disease, it’s over 100 (that we know of so far) and this means that a one-shot cure is unlikely, if not impossible.

Cancer is also an evolving disease. Over time in every patient cancer cells undergo a myriad of molecular and genetic changes. These changes shift what the cancer cells look like and how they behave. It makes them more resilient, more aggressive and more deadly. So why is it so hard to cure cancer? And what are the challenges faced by researchers around the world? Watch this 5 minute video to find out.

Image credit: Ksayer1 - Flickr

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