World Cancer Day 2022. Where will you start cancer cures?

4th February 2022

This World Cancer Day, start funding ground-breaking research to find new cancer cures, and join hundreds of people from across the UK who’ve just become Curestarters.

26 potential new cures

Thanks to people like you, we’re committed to awarding a further £5.2 million towards 26 new research projects that could start the cancer cures of the future, today. This is an increase of £1.6m from 2021 – testament to the incredible generosity of all our Curestarters who have made this possible.

World Cancer Day 2022.

Where will you start cancer cures?

Donate and let others know you're a Curestarter by using our Instagram filter, found on the effect icon of our account, which will show the place you helped to start cancer cures.

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With cancer set to be the biggest killer worldwide by 2030, we can't stop there.

And while this increase in funding is great progress, with your help, we have big ambitions to do more. Each year, 100 is the number of brilliant new ideas submitted to us by researchers around the world – but right now, we can only fund a fraction of these. With the help of our Curestarters, over the next 10 years, we want to be able to fund 100 new discoveries each year.

Cures for cancer can be started anywhere – whether it’s at the bus stop, in the queue at the shops, or from the comfort of your own sofa.

Become a Curestarter today - donate and help us end cancer.

Start cancer cures - donate today

Become a Curestarter today, and together we will end cancer.

Cancer is set to be the world’s biggest killer by 2030, and that’s why new research is more important than ever.

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04 February 2022


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