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Using fruit flies to unravel how cancer starts

Dr Allison Bardin
Research Institute
Institute Curie, France
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General cancer
Dr Allison Bardin

Aim of the research

Dr Bardin uses fruit flies to gain a better understanding of how and why cancer develops and hopes that this will help research into a wide range of cancers.

More about the research project

Cancer arises from mutations – small changes - in our genetic material, or DNA. All the DNA that one cell contains called our genome. If this genome is unstable, it is more likely that changes occur within our DNA. Just like it’s easier to drop something when you stand on a wobbly boat compared to solid ground. When these changes occur in genes whose normal function it is to stop cells from growing and dividing, cancer can develop. We are only beginning to understand how these processes work and how they can lead to the development of cancer.

Dr Bardin established a new way to study this process in fruit flies. She found that flies rapidly develop spontaneous tumours. Dr Bardin and her team are now trying to better understand the mechanisms that lead to the development of tumours. They think that this understanding could have numerous implications for cancer research in the future.