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Progress reports

Grant holders are required to complete scientific progress reports throughout the duration of their project. A maximum of two or three progress reports are required, depending on the length of the project. Submission periods for each progress report are provided in the table below.

Please note, funding following the first year is dependent on satisfactory reports being received.

Progress reports should be completed via the online grant portal at the following specified times:

Progress Report Period of project covered Submission period
Month 6 Months 1 to 6 Prior to grant payment at Month 9
Month 18

(please note: this report is only necessary if your project is longer than 24 months)

Months 7 to 18 Prior to grant payment at Month 21
Final Report Month 18 (or Month 6 if your project is 24 months or shorter) to end of project Within 3 months of completion date

We may also at times ask you to submit a lay progress report suitable for a non-scientific lay audience. We will contact you directly if this is required.

Grant continuation forms

If you intend to submit a further application for funding whilst your current grant is still active, you will need to submit a continuation report form along with your application. Download a copy of the continuation form template here.

A copy of the most recent award agreement is available here.